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Brief Description: Dr. Girish Panchal [ Government Certified M.D.(AM) ]

An Acupressurist, provides treatments through acupressure, alternate medicines, push back therapy, 

Wheat Grass Therapy for Slip Disc, Cervical, Spondylitis, Sciatica, Giddiness, Spinal problem, Heel Pain, Knee Pain etc. It is located at Borivali, Mumbai.

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A Permanent Solution to Spinal Problems (Cervical, Spondilitis, Sciatica, Slip disk, Knee pain, Heal Pain, Giddiness, etc.).

Case History :

1.  A patient at Kankavali, Sindhudurg Dist., was asked to undergo an operation, he came to me and got cured in 1998, since than he is normal and doing his job easily.

2. A lady at Baroda, Gujarat, was using neck collar for almost 24 hours. Only while going to bed she was removing it. When she came for 2nd treatment I asked here as to how many hours she is now using the collar. She said after going from here after 1st treatment, I never felt the need to touch it.

3. Also a MD Doctor at Baroda who was suffering from backache and was required to take a pain killer tablet daily before going to bed was cured by me. He is no more taking any pain killer since then.

4.  A lady of 50 years of age also at Baroda was suffering from severe pain even after undergoing an operation, also had a relief after my treatment.

5. An 18 year old girl at Borivali, Mumbai, was on bed for a year. She was also hospitalized for one month and was kept on traction. She had not relief and had to miss her college study for one year. After my first treatment, she could join the college and has completed her graduation. Since then she is living a normal life.

6. A qualified engineer aged 30 years at Undri, Buldhana, was on bed for more than a year. He had no sense below lumber up to both foots. He was not in a position to move him and was also required to use urine bag. After taking my treatments he was not only on his legs to walk but was also free from using urine bag.

7. A 57 year old fatty lady at Malad, Mumbai, was not able to stand and was moving in room by dragging herself on the buttocks. After my first treatment she was on her legs and since last more than 15 years she can move on legs easily.

8. A 39 year old lady at Kolkotta, was getting giddiness for almost 13 years. After medicines she never had a peaceful sleep for all these years. On a very next day after taking my treatment when she was contacted at 8:30 AM her husband said after 13 years she has slept peacefully. Since then she had not taken any medicine for giddiness

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