A Few Things About

I call myself a mechanic and not a Doctor. It is different that people call me a Doctor.

Human Body is nothing but a machine. Human Body is such a wonderful machine, made by God that it produces each and everything needed by our body. Not only that but is also has such a nice supply system, working round the clock, to carry various products to different departments of our Body.

An important thing is, our Municipal Corporation is today thinking, planning and advising people to collect/store liquid waste and dry waste separately, whereas the system provided by God in our body, not only stores but also discharges such dry and liquid waste separately.

If any problem occurs in a system, it starts giving trouble. I try to detect and remove such problems. Hence I prefer myself being called a Mechanic rather that a Doctor.

PUSH BACK THERAPY is such an alternate healing treatment used for spinal problems like slip-disc, spondylitis, Cervical, sciatica, knee pain, heel pain, giddiness etc. in which no medicine is either externally or internally used. Hence there is no risk at all of any side effect as such.

In general it is understood that sue to reduction of space between two vertebras, resulting a pressure on nerve passing through, pain occurs on that particular vertebra and the affected part connected to the nerve pressed / compressed.

PUSH BACK THERAPY frees the compressed nerve, by normalizing the reduced gap between two vertebras. As a result of this, patient gets relief from the pain. This treatment is to be taken in five seating’s, each seating at the interval of fifteen days.

Patients, who were on bed for months, are now living a normal life, since last ten to fifteen years. This means Push Back Therapy treatment gives almost a permanent cure.

I decided not to keep it to myself but to use it for many others who are suffering like me, as I knew how much it affects the patients mentally, physically and monetarily. I also knew how effect less was the other treatments available for these sort of problems. During last 25 years I have cured thousands of patients, by using my PUSH BACK THERAPY.

I am quite confident that if I get an opportunity, I can be helpful to many of our cricketers and also film / TV actors and actresses, who are suffering from this sort of problems to such an extent that some of them had to give-up their carrier, in solving their problems like shoulder pain, elbow pain, leg pain, lumber pain etc. unfortunately I am not so know and hence not able to reach them in spite of my trying a lot to reach them through their respective associates.